Dick Chalkely
The Centre Theatre Players
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Ever since my schooldays, when my 'Karl the Raven' in The Snow Queen was the talk of the Talk Of The Town, (Royston that is!), I have always been interested in the Theatre. Since moving to the St.Ives area nearly forty years ago I have been involved with The St. Neots Players and SIMADS but my main love has been The Centre Theatre Players which I helped to form in 1974. A bit of a Panto fiend, I have Directed, written or appeared in nearly 40 seasonal offerings, 31 being with The Players. My favourite roles revolve around comedy, and my days of 'The Dame' (albeit they have long passed), bring back fond memories for me, Now it's a matter of settling for for the Dithery old King part or something suitably similar. They can't get rid of me that easily!! [Editors note: Although we have tried!] Dick has now retired from his role as Financial Director for Pepper Kitchens in St Ives, and my ambition is to continue my writing and to also spend some precious time with my grand children, two of which are already showing signs of following in Granddads footsteps by attending drama classes in their home town. I also love the opportunity to visit the professional shows in London and still rate "Les Miserable" as my all time favourite.
Dick Chalkley